BOM leads projects in art, hacktivism and open culture through live projects, commissions and research partnerships. We support creative collaborations between artists, ethical hackers, scientists and technologists. Our collaborative workspace is freely available to BOM Fellows and Residencies for their important research and development.

BOM is dedicated to the free culture movement and to art that asks important questions about future technologies. Our current areas of research include:

  • Open source technologies
  • Open data
  • Open science / DIY biology
  • Ethical hacking
  • Creative activism
  • Disruptive media
  • The Internet of Things
  • Interactive and immersive technologies
  • Genetics
  • Cyber Feminism

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BOM Fellow Melissa GrantMelissa Grant
Fellow 2014-2020

BOM Fellow Rosa FrancescaRosa Francesca
Fellow 2019-2020

BOM Fellow Matthew GaleMatthew Gale
Fellow 2019-2020

Coral Manton
Fellow 2018-2019

BOM Fellow Elly ClarkeElly Clarke
Fellow 2018-2019

Emily Mulenga
Fellow 2018-2019

Julia Higginbottom
Fellow 2018-2019

Leo Francisco
Fellow 2018-2019

BOM Fellow Laurie RamsellLaurie Ramsell
Fellow 2015-2019

BOM Fellow Leon TrimbleLeon Trimble
Fellow 2014-2017

BOM Fellow Jo GaneJo Gane
Fellow 2014-2017

BOM Fellow Justin WigganJustin Wiggan
Fellow 2015-2017

BOM Fellow Ria HartleyRia Hartley
Fellow 2016-2017

BOM Fellow Pete JamesPete James
Fellow 2016-2017

BOM Fellow Florence OkoyeFlorence Okoye
Fellow 2017

BOM Fellow Jon WoodJon Wood
Fellow 2017

BOM Fellow Pete AshtonPete Ashton
Fellow 2014-2016

BOM Fellow Dan BurwoodDan Burwood
Fellow 2014-2016

BOM Fellow Amy MartinAmy Martin
Fellow 2014-2016

BOM Fellow Nikki PughNikki Pugh
Fellow 2014-2016

BOM Fellow Antonio RobertsAntonio Roberts
Fellow 2014-2016

BOM Fellow Gemma MarmaladeGemma Marmalade
Fellow 2016

BOM Fellow Siraj Shaikh MarmaladeSiraj Shaikh
Fellow 2015