Mathare Futurism

A billboard with a graffiti artwork on. The artwork depicts angelic arms lifting up a toilet block in Mathare Kenya and is surrounded by members of the public and police.

Mathare Futurism is the first exhibition by Mathare Green Movement (MGM). The exhibition is an evolving showcase of developing work created by artist activists in Mathare (Nairobi Kenya). The works are presented through different mediums; music, moving image, photography and graffiti.

The works exist within our gallery space and in Birmingham’s public realm. We are commissioning a brand new graffiti piece by Birmingham based graffiti artist T-Bone.

T-Bone is working with Kanyi Wyban, the Coordinator of MGM to create a powerful new artwork that brings the communities of Mathare and Birmingham together; celebrating what connects us and what sets us apart in these unprecedented times.

The work in this exhibition has been made throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a snapshot of how artists and activists have cultivated their energy to tackle the virus and associated social problems as well as learn lessons in resilience and courage, all outside of a European / US centric narrative.