Regular Events

Birmingham Open Code

Every Tuesday 6-9pm

A weekly open study session for folks who program (in any language) or those who want to get started learning to code. Offering a social learning environment for programmers of all levels with the option to drop in whenever you need extra help or feel especially social. All skill levels welcome. Bring a laptop, your projects or just questions you would like to talk through with new people.

To find out more please visit:

Mini Makers

Every Saturday 11am-4pm

Every Saturday you can pop in to our café and get involved with an activity to inspired by science, technology and art. Designed for kids aged under 12, each week will have something new.

CREATE origami, concertina books and 3-Dimensional structures.

INVESTIGATE construction with sticklebricks, magnasticks and Lego

PLAY with colour and pattern using concentric circles, hexagonal paper and graph paper

Each Saturday will have an activity for kids, you can drop in at any time between 11am and 5pm, enjoy a coffee whilst they get hands on with a fun art, science/tech activity! We also have different science and maths games, Number puzzles and Lego.

Once a month we will be running workshops led by an artist or creative technologist.

Contact for more information.

6th October – Programming Chatbots

Join us to programme some funky chatbots. Chloe will be helping you to create chatbot character designs with different emotions and expressions.

We will upload your chatbot to our website so your family and friends will be able to ‘chat’ with your artificially intelligent creation.

Book this day by contacting

13th October – Maths Paper Doodle

Come and have a play with colour and pattern using a collection of maths papers to create different shapes, tones, colour combination. There are also some helpful prompt sheets to help you to turn your maths doodle into 3D shapes. We’d love to hang them in our café to show what you have created! Take photos of your work and post them on Facebook

20th October – Becoming The Kitty AI.

Spend the day becoming a fully fluffed Kitty AI. Join BOM+ member Tamara Francis to make your very own Kitty AI ears. Once your photo is taken with your Kitty Ears you can then create a Kitty Litter Propaganda digitally designed poster.

Copies of your poster will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Check them out on

27th October – Concertina Books               

Concertina books are really fun ways to bring colour and shape You will start by creating ‘scribble’ designs then cut and fold to make spiralled concertina books. Make a couple of them so you can take one home and leave one here on our mobile display. It would be great to take a video of how your spiral book works and post it on Facebook.

3rd November – Kitty Sketchbooks

Our current exhibition is The Kitty AI. Create your own sketchbook about The Kitty AI. Use the template to fold, cut and design your own sketchbook. Draw your own Kitty character, write a story about Kitty and design a poster, Take photos of your work and post them on Facebook

10th November – Digital Kitty Character

BOM+ member Rosa will be showing her Kitty AI inspired Kitty’s Litter character so you can create your own. Chloe will help you to create a profile for your character too. They will be a photo album created on the BOM web and instagram page too.

You can #BOM on your facebook page so all our followers can see your work.

17th November – Make your own Steady Hand game.

Today come and create your own Steady Hand game. Learn how to make a circuit, design your own Kitty maze and play your game. Take videos of your child playing their Steady Hand game and post it on Facebook.

1st December – Origami

Origami – The art of paper folding. Sculpt your paper into the most amazing 3D shapes, birds, animals and plants to create a mobile display in our café. We have some amazing Japanese papers with origami books as well as prompt sheets to help you make your designs. Take photos of your work and post them on Facebook